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Purposes and Benefits of UEC

Advance the art and science of engineering for the general welfare of the people of Utah:
  • Engineers Week activities and banquet
  • Engineer of the Year Award
  • Forum for other annual engineering awards presentations
Promote research and studies in engineering areas:
  • Forum for presentation of engineering awards
  • Special committees appointed by the board to consider engineering issues
Maintain high professional standards among its members:
  • Work closely with the Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing to maintain appropriate professional standards
  • Monitor and act on pertinent legislative activities
Promote cooperation among the various branches of engineering and science in Utah:
  • All societies and activities are listed on the UEC website
  • Monthly board meeting brings representatives of each member society together for interaction
  • Electronic publication and distribution of the Officers Roster
Promote dissemination of knowledge and information in the various fields of engineering and science:
  • Monthly newsletter distributed to all societies
  • Publication of the annual UEC Journal
  • Minutes of the UEC Board meetings sent to Chair and UEC Representative of each society
  • Web Site www.utahengineerscouncil.org
  • Instrumental in the implementation of the PE/LS Report
Work for the advancement of engineering education:
  • Annual engineering scholarships
  • Demonstrations of current activities by various engineering schools who receive a monetary award
  • Coordination of Engineers Week activities among the engineering colleges in the state
  • Engineering Educator of the Year award
Develop recommendations regarding public policies wherein the application of the art and science of engineering will contribute to the general welfare:
  • Monitor and provide input on legislative issues.
  • Recommend board members to the DOPL Engineers and Land Surveyors Licensing Board
Foster public recognition of the engineering profession:
  • Engineers Week Banquet, public invited
  • News releases regarding E-Week banquet and activities
  • UEC Engineer of the Year and Engineering Educator of the year awards provide recognition of outstanding individuals
Provide a medium for cooperative action by its member societies on matters beyond the scope of their individual organizations:
  • Professional Engineer License renumbering issue