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2020 Engineering Educator of the Year Award Nomination


The UEC Engineering Educator of the Year Award recognizes outstanding educators in Utah communities. Nominees should be inspiring students to strive for excellence on the road to their accredited engineering degrees. Instructors, professors, and similar educators can be working in institutions that do not confer an ABET-accredited degree, but judges may take this into account since their students are likely to attain such a degree in the future and their research projects might be top-notch.

Each UEC member society may nominate one person for this award who has not previously won this award; previous nominees can be re-nominated. Nominees and the winner will be honored at the UEC Engineers Week Banquet in February.

The nomination package needs to be emailed before January 15, 2021(see email below) and should include the following:

Signed Letter of Nomination from the sponsoring society that includes:

  1. Nominating society’s name.
  2. Nominee and sponsor’s email address and phone number
  3. A statement confirming that the nominee requirements have been met


Nominee Credentials

  1. An approximately 200-word Summary of Accomplishments in a format that can easily be copied and pasted in the UEC Journal
  2. Professional activities and job responsibilities in reverse chronological order, including professional society accomplishments and positions held. List any research, tenure, community service of any kind, and any professional career activities outside of education.
  3. List formal education and degrees conferred and certifications, licenses and so on. When in doubt, include it. The reputation of the institution counts.
  4. Awards and patents
  5. Presentations and publications
  6. The nominee’s name and titles as you wish them to appear on the plaque recognizing their nomination; e.g., Jane Doe, BSME, P.E.


  1. A high-resolution color photo of the nominee in a standalone .jpg or similar file for use at the banquet and in the UEC Journal


  1. You may also include signed Letters of Recommendation from the nominee’s students, service organization, dean or similar.

Email all documents before January 15, 2021, to our 2021 Awards Committee Chair: Roberta Schlicher (roberta.schlicher@matrixdesigngroup.com)

Please direct questions to Roberta at the email above or M: 801.230.9474